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Covid-19 Vaccine: In many European countries, people have been diagnosed with blood clots after being given Astrazeneca corona vaccine.

London, April 7: Oxford University (Oxford University)AstraZeneca said on Tuesday (AstraZeneca)Covid vaccine developed by (Covid-19 Vaccine) Testing on young children has been stopped. This vaccine causes blood clots in adults (vaccine worries blood clot) It is being said that the test on children has been stopped after the complaints were made.

The vaccine is not completely safe in the test, Oxford University said in a statement. Regulators of Medicine and Healthcare Products in the UK before starting the study considering the possibility of blood clots forming (MHRA)Awaiting additional data from.

Arrive at the scheduled time during the test – Oxford

The statement said, “Parents and children should come according to the test schedule and if there are any questions they can ask at the test site.” MHRA is an organization that analyzes AstraZeneca’s data. The focus of many health agencies around the world is currently on whether blood clots are formed from the AstraZeneca vaccine. Initially, many such complaints came from Norway and Europe. After vaccination, blood clots formed in the body of the citizen.

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According to AFP, HMRA reported last week that blood clots had been reported in 30 of the 1.80 million vaccines in the UK. Seven of them are worrisome. The European Medicine Agency said on Tuesday that no conclusions had been reached and that a review was under way. EU Health Commissioner Stella said the agency could make a decision by late Wednesday night. He said that they are in touch with EMA.

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First published:April 8, 2021, 3:04 PM IST


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