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Network18’s new campaign ‘Sanjeevani – A Shot Of Life’ is starting. The campaign is designed to reach out to as many infected districts as possible in every corner of the country so that vaccination efforts can begin in all parts of the country.

Mumbai, April 07: Statistics of Covid-19 in many states and cities of the country (Coronavirus Cases in India(Of this pandemic)COVID-19 Pandemic) Is increasing since the beginning. If there is anything to learn from other countries, you know that the number of infections and deaths this time will be higher than the first wave. Similarly, the only effective way to prevent the spread of the second wave is to vaccinate the largest population (Corona Vaccination) Deliver as soon as possible.

In this case Network 18 (Network18‘S new campaign’ Sanjeevani – A Shot of Life ‘(Sanjeevani – A Shot Of Life) Has emerged. The campaign is designed to reach out to as many infected districts as possible in every corner of the country so that vaccination efforts can begin in all parts of the country.

The second wave of corona

Before talking about the resuscitation campaign, it is important to understand why vaccination is needed over time. Experts have confirmed that India has a fast-mutating double-strain covid variant. There are also reports of variants from the UK, South Africa and Brazil that are known for their high rates of infection. The second wave of corona in the country in mid-February due to lack of proper treatment for covid infection and slow pace of vaccination campaign in India (Second Wave of Corona) Came and this wave has surrounded millions of people in a short period of time.

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India was praised for effectively handling this overall problem in the early stages of the Corona Wave, and after the record contraction of the economy, we began to slowly open up businesses in the country. But the second wave threatened this fragile recovery of the country’s economy and at the same time increased the risk of lockdown across the country. For most state governments, total lockdown is the only option left.

Even so, there is a big difference compared to last year, when lockdown was the only option to fight Pandemic last year. But now we have the vaccine to effectively defeat Pandemic.

What is a revival campaign?

The Central and State Governments are vaccinating people across the country against Covid-19, in large populations spread over a vast region like India. At such a time, a revival campaign has emerged.

Network 18 Group’s Campaign ‘Sanjeevani – A Shot of Life’ (Sanjeevani – A Shot of Life). The campaign will be supported by the Federal Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. In addition, under Apollo 24/7, vaccination related works will be carried out in the most infected districts of the country.

Actor Sonu Sood has joined Network 18 Group’s largest ‘Sanjeevani’ vaccination campaign in India in the fight against Corona. Actor Sonu Sood has signed up for the campaign as a brand ambassador. World Health Day on April 7 (World Health Day) He will be seen taking the vaccine from Apollo Hospital before the campaign begins.

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A special ‘Sanjeevani Gaadi’ will be given a green flag at the launch ceremony in Amritsar. The train will visit about 1,500 villages in five districts adopted by the Federal Bank where public awareness activities will be conducted. These include Amritsar, Nashik, Indore, Guntur and Dakshina Kannada districts in the country which have suffered the most due to corona.

Network 18’s ‘Sanjeevani – A Shot of Life’ campaign is proof that the Indian government can rely on corporates, NGOs and hospitals to take the lead and increase the vaccination drive in India. Thus, because of the popularity of the vaccine as well as its cheap and easy availability,herd immunity) Can be reached soon. So we can go back to our normal life without any fear of the third wave.

Activities like Sanjeevani are not only important and essential but also a need of the hour. We look forward to seeing the success of this campaign and the launch of this campaign across the country in the coming days.

Published by:Janhavi Bhatkar

First published:April 7, 2021, 8:50 AM IST



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