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Maharashtra government’s restrictions are like speedbreakers

New Delhi: The Maharashtra government’s restrictions on our business growth are like a speedbreaker, laments Inox Leisure. We were looking forward to 2021. Because the demand was also increasing. But, in the country, Corona has pulled the trigger.

This is where the revival of the film business began. So there were restrictions like ‘speedbreaker’. After last year’s lockdown, “Ruhi” and “Godzilla vs Kang” were getting crowded, said Alox Tandon, CEO of Inox.

“We hope 2021 will be a good year,” he said. Because demand was expected to increase this year. But, right now the corona is growing.

Corona’s biggest blow came to the multiplex business. The government allowed the cinema hall to start from February 1. In doing so, Kovid maintained restrictions. At present, multiplexes and cinemas allow 50 per cent of the audience. “India’s cinema market is huge and each segment has its own market,” he said. We have an idea of ​​the situation of Kovid in Maharashtra. We hope that the situation will return to normal in the near future.

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