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Coronavirus Maharashtra update: The number of new corona patients has come down from 50,000 on Monday to over 50,000 again.

Mumbai, April 05: The growing number of coronavirus patients in the state had declined on Monday. Maharashtra Coronavirus cases were registered below 50,000. But the next day, the numbers began to rise again. The state has again registered more than 50,000 new corona patients. Further worrying is that the recovery rate has decreased and the positive rate has increased.

A total of 55,469 new patients were registered in the state today. Since then, the total number of corona patients in the state has reached 31,13,354. The positivity rate in the state is 14.88 per cent. During the day, a total of 25,83,331 coronary heart disease patients were cured with 34,256 patients. Since then, the recovery rate in the state has been 82.98%. Compared to the April 5 figure, the recovery rate has decreased and the positive rate has increased.

Moreover, the death toll in the state is alarming. The deaths of 297 corona-infected patients were recorded during the day. The current mortality rate in the state is 1.81%. A total of 4,72,283 patients are undergoing treatment.

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The second wave of corona is more contagious but not serious, said Shashank, a member of Maharashtra’s Covid 19 Task Force. Cases of corona can be reduced in two to four weeks. But for that, people have to follow the rules related to corona. Vaccination will protect against disease and death but not from infection, he said.

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The administration should try to vaccinate as many people as possible. Over the next three to six months, you will have more vaccine options available. The current vaccine gives immunity for about 12 months. That’s what he said. Corona cases are on the rise in the state, leading to fears that the health system could collapse. But the health system has been strengthened, he said.

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First published:April 6, 2021, 10:36 PM IST


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