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Actor Sonu Sood has been linked to Network 18 Group’s ‘Sanjeevani’ vaccination campaign in the fight against corona virus. The campaign starts on Wednesday – April 7.

Mumbai, April 6: Corona in various states of India including Maharashtra (Corona) The number of victims seems to be increasing again. On the other hand, corona vaccination campaign is also underway. India’s biggest ‘resuscitation’ of the Network 18 group in the fight against Corona (Sanjeevani) Actor Sonu Sood has joined the vaccination drive. Actor Sonu Sood has given information in this regard by posting on Instagram. World Health Day (World Health Day)This means that actor Sonu Sood will be participating in the campaign on April 7 and it will start from Attari Border. Actor Sonu Sood shared a post on his Instagram saying, “Network 18 Group is proud to be part of India’s largest resuscitation campaign in the fight against Kovid 19.”

What is a revival campaign?

‘Sanjeevani – A Shot of Life’ to Network 18 Group’s Campaign (Sanjeevani – A Shot of Life) That is the name given. The campaign will be supported by the Federal Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. In addition, under Apollo 24/7, vaccination work will be carried out in the most drought prone districts of the country.

As part of the campaign, the Federal Bank will provide free vaccinations to villages in the five districts most affected by the second wave of corona. The government alone does not need to vaccinate billions of people in the country. Instead, responsible private companies like Network 18 are taking the initiative and participating in the vaccination campaign. This will help reduce the loss of citizens and boost the economy.

All vaccination camps in five districts selected by Apollo 24/7 will be held on the ground. The hospital chain, along with specialist doctors and vaccination specialists, will help dispel misconceptions among citizens and vaccinate more citizens. Actor Sonu Sood, as the brand ambassador of the campaign, will launch a resuscitation campaign to encourage others to get vaccinated before getting the vaccine.

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Purpose and strategy of Sanjeevani campaign

The first objective of the campaign is to prevent the current corona second vaccine. Indians need to be vaccinated immediately as well as the lower strata of society who do not want to be vaccinated. The aim is to give them the information they need for vaccination and to get vaccinated.

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Sanjeevani Gaadi

One of the important objectives is to create awareness about the vaccination campaign in India and to dispel misconceptions about what people are saying against them. Citizens will come forward to get vaccinated on their own after getting proper information about vaccination through Sanjeevani campaign. With these objectives in mind, the green flag will also be displayed for ‘Sanjeevani Gaadi’ at the event in Amritsar. The vehicle will visit about 1,500 villages in five districts selected by the Federal Bank to carry out public awareness campaigns on covid vaccine.

Gift a vaccine

The idea of ​​the Sanjeevani campaign is also to give ‘vaccine gifts’ in which partner companies will finance free vaccinations to the citizens in the adopted villages. The districts selected for adoption include Amritsar, Nashik, Indore, Guntur and Dakshina Kannada. These districts are among the worst affected districts in the country.

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First published:April 6, 2021, 11:26 PM IST


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