Annoying! ‘Wear a veil, that means there will be no rape’; Strange advice from Pakistani PM ignites social media | News

An open photo of Imran Khan is also trending. In this old photo, he is seen on the beach with a foreign girl in a bikini.

Islamabad, April 6: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been trolled on social media for his advice that women should wear the burqa to prevent rape. Imran Khan has recently said that women should wear the burqa to protect themselves from rape. Following his advice, he was criticized on social media. Netizens have also viralized an old beach video of Imran Khan coming out of the sea in a swimsuit with a foreign girl wearing a bikini.

Of Navbharat Times According to the report, Pakistan has seen an increase in rape cases in recent times. Against this backdrop, Prime Minister Imran Khan advised women to wear the burqa to protect themselves from rape. As soon as he gives this advice, he is being criticized. The Pakistani people themselves are questioning his advice. Also, such an open video of Imran Khan has gone viral. It shows Imran Khan taking a sea bath with a foreign girl in a bikini. This video is about Imran’s youth.

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Imran Khan has become a troll after giving such advice and his video is also going viral. A user named Fahad tweeted that Imran Khan was giving a lecture on wearing a burqa, but in this video he is seen taking a bath with a woman wearing a bikini. This video of Imran Khan is very old, it is from the time when he was a cricketer. But, the same video is becoming a problem for them now. The Imran Khan government has enacted strict laws to curb the rising incidence of rape. According to this law, provision has been made to make the perpetrator impotent by giving him medicine.

Europe and India are responsible for the rise in pornography, says Imran Khan. “I need the cooperation of the people to curb the rising incidence of rape,” Imran Khan said in a direct reply to a question. To avoid temptation, we should encourage the burqa practice. While Delhi is considered the capital of rape, in Europe, pornography threatens the family system. So Pakistani citizens need to help reduce pornography.


First published:April 6, 2021, 11:11 PM IST


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