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Remdesivir injection price: Food and Drug Administration Minister Rajendra Shingane has assured that the prices of Remdesivir injection will be reduced.

Mumbai, April 6: The number of corona cases in Maharashtra including Mumbai is increasing day by day. At the same time, Remdesivir injection, which is essential for corona patients, is being sold at a quarter price. It has come to light that each company is selling injections at different prices. The reality of the difference between these remedial injections was made public by the News18 referendum. Later, Food and Drug Administration Minister Rajendra Shingane has responded by promising to reduce the price of remedivir injection.

Which company’s injection costs how much?

Why not price control?

The point is, if a company can afford to sell remedicivir injection for Rs 899. So why are other companies selling injections at the same rate? There is also the question of whether the state government has control over it.

When asked about this, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Abhimanyu Kale said, “These prices are all over the country, not just in Maharashtra. The Government of Maharashtra has started efforts to control these prices. We held a meeting with all the companies to bring the prices under control and Zydus Cadila reduced the MRP to Rs 899. Other companies are in touch with the DGCA (Drug Controller General of India) to reduce the rates. “

Minister Rajendra Shingane promises to reduce rates

Care should be taken to ensure adequate supply of remedicivir injections useful for corona infected patients, not to create artificial scarcity. Food and Drug Administration Minister Rajendra Shingane took immediate notice of the news of the skyrocketing cost of remedicivir injections. Food and Drug Administration Minister Rajendra Shingane said, “In the aftermath of Kovid’s contagion, a meeting was held regarding remedicivir. Some companies have prices at Rs 800 per house and some companies have higher rates. We want to make sure that the prices are the same for all the companies that make remediation. “

The central government is being pursued to reduce the MRP of remedicivir. The Central Government has the power to reduce the MRP of a drug. Accordingly, a proposal to reduce MRP has been sent to the Center, said Food and Drug Administration Minister Rajendra Shingane.

Great relief to the citizens

Corona-infected patients are already in dire straits, with high injection rates causing huge financial losses to citizens. However, after our news, the rates of Remedicivir Injection are going to be lower now. The voice of the common man, News18 Lokmat, has been sealed once again.

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First published:April 6, 2021, 9:11 PM IST


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