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Pune Corona News: If a corona patient dies while undergoing treatment at home, the family members will have to follow all the rules and cremate his body. Pune Municipal Corporation has made this new rule.

Pune, April 1: Pune Municipal Corporation has brought a new rule regarding corona patients. According to this, if a Corona Patient dies while undergoing treatment at home, then the family members will have to follow all the rules and cremate their body. Relatives will complete all the procedures for that. Only car facility will be provided. Information about this new rule of NMC has come to light due to a report.

A very frightening form of coronavirus pandemic is currently being seen. The second wave of corona in the country and mainly in Maharashtra is becoming hugely dangerous. Throughout this period of Corona many new things came before us. The families of those killed by the corona did not even get a chance to see the face of a loved one. The hospital staff was also conducting the funeral to prevent corona infection. Only three or four members of the family were able to attend the funeral. The intention was that no one should be infected by the corpse during the funeral. But as the status of the corona changes, so do the rules.

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Such a change has now been made by Pune Municipal Corporation. In the city of Pune, if someone dies at home due to corona, all the responsibility of his funeral will now have to be borne by the family members. Divya Marathi in this regard News Is given. Relatives will also have to complete the documents required for disposal of the body. Accordingly they will have to fill 4A Certificate and Form 2.

Get PPE kit, body bag

Body bags and four PPE kits will be provided to the family members on behalf of the municipal administration to take care of the funeral and prevent others from getting corona infection. Four members of the family want to wear this PPE kit for the funeral.

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Wearing a PPE kit and placing the body in a body bag, then placing the body in a cart and all other procedures in the cremation ground will have to be carried out by the members of the household. Pune Municipal Corporation has provided numbers 02024503211, 02024503212 and 9689939628 for transporting the bodies to the cremation ground. You have to call it and call the car.

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First published:April 1, 2021, 6:20 PM IST


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