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A shocking type of bulldozer is emerging. The district woman (Buldana Jilha Stree Rugnalaya) found chaos in the hospital.

Rahul Khandare, Buldana, March 30: During the Corona period (Coronavirus pandemic) Special care is being taken by every hospital, private clinic. But a shocking type of bulldozer emerges. District women living here (Buldana Jilha Stree Rugnalaya) Got to see chaos in the hospital. A corona positive (COVID-19 Positive) The hospital has come under heavy criticism for neglecting the patient’s health.

Police personnel Digambar Kapate (Digambar Kapate) Was filed. His corona report was positive. Digambar was given an expired insulin. While admitted here, Digambar did not make any statement, but after being discharged, it happened on social media.Social Media) Shared. After this, the mismanagement of the district women’s hospital has come to the fore.

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He tested the corona as Kapate’s health deteriorated. He was admitted to the hospital after she tested positive. Because of their diabetes, they had to take insulin. However, Kapate has alleged that he was given expired insulin out of concern for his health. If this is happening with a frontline worker like a police officer, how much care will be taken by the common man? Will action be taken against the concerned officials in the same manner? Some such questions are being presented after this type.

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What is the condition of the corona in the bull?

Corona infiltration is happening very fast in Buldana district day by day. It paints a picture of the district still not serious. In the last 48 hours, 1244 corona patients have been registered in the district. Corona patients are growing rapidly every day. The health department, police administration are appealing to follow the instructions from time to time. But it is being ignored.

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First published:March 30, 2021, 9:57 AM IST


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