Corona affected the mind as well as the body; Researchers in Pune, which has the highest number of patients, showed the other side Coronavirus-latest-news

Corona caused many changes in his personal, social life. Today they are called ‘New Normal’. And this is what has been studied.

Pune, March 29: Not only in the state (Coronavirus in mahaharashtra) but also in the country with the highest number of coronavirus in India (Coronavirus in Pune). Corona’s first patient was found in Pune and after a few months of relief, Corona is out of control again in Pune. Shocking statistics are coming out every day. Whether it is Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur or the state and the country, we have been seeing the side effects of Coronavirus every day. But just as a coin has two sides, so does a corona. Coronavirus Good effect has been seen as well as Coronavirus side effects.

Covid-19 Mahasathi affected every part of life. This has caused immense damage to human life around the world. Corona posed an unprecedented challenge to human life, public health, food, and the way the world works. As a result, many changes took place in our personal and social lives. Today it is called ‘New Normal’. It studies people’s attitudes, shopping behavior, personal behavior.

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Dr. Sinhagad College of Engineering in Pune. Arkeri Shanta V and Deepti Kenjale Khopkar of Healthcare and Pharma Communication studied exactly what has changed in the behavior and habits of the citizens of Corona Mahasathil. The purpose of the survey was to understand the change in people’s behavior in the face of unprecedented conditions such as Covid-19.

What has changed in behavior?

The corona replaced the dead humanity in man. More and more helping hands began to come forward. 38.6% of people thought you were more helpful. Since man is socially oriented, it should be considered natural for the attitude to be helpful in such a situation. In addition, 6.4% were polite and 18.6% were sympathetic. So Corona made a home in the minds of 22.1% of people with fear.

What has changed in the purchase?

If you have money in hand, you can go shopping. Apart from needs, people also started keeping likes and desires. But during the Corona period, the focus was on needs. Kovid-19 created fear in many people, while pay cuts, no work and no salary. The effect he has had is enormous. About 58 percent of people changed their shopping habits and focused only on needs. Only 1.4 percent of people made a shopping spree during this period. 30.3% of people were able to combine both need and desire. In this unprecedented situation, the proportion of those who did not change their purchasing behavior was 10.6%.

The trend of choice at the time of purchase

The Covid-19 situation made people prefer to buy local goods. During the Covid-19 lockdown, due to the lack of other options and / or convenience, many people preferred to shop at local vendors and local grocery and grocery stores. In addition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the ‘Vocal Say Local’ campaign during the same period. It is not known if the campaign affected people’s behavior, but overall, due to the Covid-19 situation, 71.8% of people explained that their shopping behavior tended toward local preferences.

Changes in saving habits

Most of the time, people are not able to save money. Because they have no control over their spending. Consistent effort is required to inculcate the habit of saving in order to reduce costs and ensure future security. 68.9 per cent of those who responded to the survey reported an improvement in their saving habits in the Covid-19 situation, while 7.1 per cent said the situation had worsened their saving habits. The Covid-19 crisis created many uncertainties for people about their jobs / professions, as well as their salaries / incomes, which made them realize the importance of saving.

Changes in daily personal work

Covid-19 conditions led 55.6% of respondents to work harder, while 44% of respondents said Covid-19 conditions reduced their inclination to exercise, 25.5% lost their sleep and 8.5% lost their mine. The use of social media, however, has not changed much, it has remained the same.

Extra new habits

64.1% said they learned new habits / skills during this period. 35.9% of people do not feel that they have developed a new habit or learned something new in the Covid-19 situation

What is the nature of the change in behavior?

Behavior change requires perseverance, behavioral studies, and flexibility. About 20% of people think that the change in their behavior caused by Kovid-19 is permanent, whereas 21% said that the change is temporary. As many as 59.2% of people could not tell whether this change in behavior was permanent or temporary.

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Overall, globally, the Kovid-19 situation has caused many unprecedented upheavals. During this time the nature of the people became more helpful and they began to think only of meeting their needs rather than their own desires.

In the Covid-19 situation, people’s tendency towards saving increased. He used this time to learn new habits / skills. Nearly 143 people responded to the survey. This conclusion has been drawn by studying various researches.

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First published:March 29, 2021, 6:58 PM IST


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