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The father has also signed a contract with his daughter to never be obese.

UK, March 12: Most men expect me to have a slim trim, a delicate girlfriend or a wife. There are many cases in which girls have been rejected as obesity. Someone’s boyfriend breaks up as obese, while someone’s husband leaves her. Having a boyfriend, getting a husband, now even a father wants a slim trim lake.

A man in the world walks a girl no matter what, and that is a father. Even if your daughter is a shadow, fat or not beautiful to look at, she is still a sweet acquaintance to the father. But a father in the UK wants his daughter to have slim trim and for this he has signed a contract with her to never get fat.

Rachid Khadla, 56, is obsessed with fitness. He has also signed a fitness agreement with his daughter. The contract claims that your daughter will not become obese until she dies. He has signed this contract from his daughter.

Rachid is accused of mentally and physically abusing his own children. The case is pending in the court.

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Rachid’s 23-year-old daughter, Amira, told the court that the father was trying to control the children. They decide what to wear, who to meet, who to make friends with, and what to watch on TV. We are annoyed by these strange restrictions of the father. They are very serious about fitness. They have also made an agreement with me.

The agreement says, I … Amira … will never let myself get fat. I will exercise a lot so that I will not get fat. I will try not to get fat until I die. Amira also said that she was very scared after signing the agreement.

When I was little, they always hit me with a spoon. He used to punch his hands and chest. “At the age of nine, they threw a chair at me, which hit my ear and was swollen,” she said.

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Rachid has abused not only Amir but also his other children. Amira’s younger brother Hicham told the court that his father had beaten him since he was a child, but at one point he even tried to strangle him. He had also told his friends and teachers about it. His father was later arrested by police. Rachid’s eldest son Kareem has left the house due to his father’s behavior.

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First published:March 12, 2021, 6:17 PM IST


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