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Shortly after the flight (Russian Flight), a 39-year-old female passenger did something that she had to do with a rope and tape. Read what happened type …

Moscow, March 10: There are many people who have a flying phobia. Many first-time travelers also experience air sickness. At such times, the flight attendants are patient. Fellow travelers also help. Sometimes, however, the strange behavior of some passengers shocks everyone. There are also passengers who are often confused on the plane. They hurt everyone. At such times, the flight attendants are well tested. A similar shocking experience was experienced by the crew and passengers of a Russian plane. Shortly after the Russian flight, a woman (Female Passenger starts taking off clothes) began to take off her clothes. So there was only one mess on the plane. The woman did not listen, so she had to fasten her seat.

Within 15 minutes of the flight from Vladivostok, a 39-year-old woman got up from her seat and began walking around the cabin. After that, she began to take off and put on her clothes. Seeing her erratic behavior, the cabin crew tried to convince her. Despite her repeated pleas, she was not ready to listen. She was intoxicated after taking synthetic drugs. So she had no intention of understanding anything. Seeing this, the flight attendants and other passengers decided to tie her to the seat for her and everyone’s safety. The woman was tied to her seat using a rope, seat belt and adhesive tape.

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The plane was en route to Tolmachevo Airport in Novosibirsk, Siberia. The woman was taken out of the plane after the plane reached there safely, after which police arrested her.

The Daily Mail has shared a video of the woman being tied to a seat on the plane. Daily Mail According to reports, the woman confessed to taking drugs before boarding a plane in Vladivostok after being taken to the police station.

According to the Russian Interior Ministry, the woman underwent a medical examination to determine the amount of drugs she had consumed. Her handbag was found empty at the police station. According to the Daily Mail, the ministry said the woman had been charged with minor hooliganism and police were investigating the matter further.

First published:March 10, 2021, 10:28 PM IST


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