Strange experiments made to make dole-shows; The bodybuilder is in a terrible state now News

After this dangerous experiment, the bodybuilder’s biceps became 24 inches, which did him no good. But it also raised a fatal issue

Moscow, March 05: Just as young people are obsessed with looking beautiful, young people are obsessed with body building. That means young people want a toned body, six-pack abs, big biceps. For this they go to the gym. But they also do diet, medicine or some strange experiments. Doing such an experiment is very expensive for a Russian bodybuilder. He has a life threatening problem.

Russian bodybuilder Kirill Teleshin, a 24-year-old Russian bodybuilder, wanted to build his own body. For this, he tried strange experiments. He injected petrol jelly on his hands. Which has cost him dearly.

“I’ve been injecting petroleum jelly on my hands since I was 20,” Kirill said. I didn’t even think about the side effects. I wanted to take this injection all over my body. But first I saw what effect it had on my biceps.

Photo courtesy - Kirill Teleshin / Instagram

Photo courtesy – Kirill Teleshin / Instagram

His biceps became 24 inches. Kirill performed this dangerous experiment and built a biceps but to no avail. He lost the competition in just three minutes. On the contrary, it had serious side effects. According to Kirill, after the experiment, his hands began to ache, his hands began to deteriorate, and he began to have a fever.

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Kirill had to have surgery for this. One surgery took place last year. At that time, cinthol oil and dead muscle tissues were removed from his hands and now another surgery is left. But due to Corona Mahasathi, this surgery could not be done soon.

Luckily he only took this injection as an experiment. He wanted to take this injection all over his body. But after that, he changed his mind. He did not inject on the body.

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As of today, Kirill’s surgeon, Dmitry Melnikov, had said that he would have died if he had not had surgery. The experiment that Kirin performed on his hands is performed by many people on their other organs. This experiment is very dangerous, so please do not do it, Dimitri advised.

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First published:March 5, 2021, 4:37 PM IST


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