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Maharashtra Coronavirus Cases: The number of coronavirus patients in the state is now on the rise. Only Mumbai, Nagpur, Thane and Pune have increased the risk.

Mumbai, March 05: The threat of coronavirus in the state (Maharashtra coronavirus cases) is now increasing day by day. Since the last week of February, the coronavirus update (maharashtra coronavirus update) has not slowed down. Corona’s graph is growing rapidly. The number of new corona patients in the state has initially crossed 8,000, then 9,000 and now 10,000. In just a few days, the number of corona patients in the state has started increasing.

According to the state health ministry, 10,216 patients were found during the day on March 5. So far 53 patients have died. The highest number of patients were found during the day in Mumbai and Nagpur. More than a thousand new patients have been registered in both the places. In Mumbai and Nagpur, 1,174 and 1,225 new corona patients have been found, respectively.

There are currently more than 88,800 active i.e. patients undergoing treatment. Pune has the highest number of active patients, followed by Nagpur, Thane and Mumbai. There are 18,000 active patients in Pune and more than 11,000 in Nagpur. There are 9,000 patients in Mumbai-Thane. So will there be a lockdown again? A similar situation has arisen.

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Corona patient statistics for March 05 in the state (Maharashtra total Covid 19 Cases)

Total patients – 21,98,399

Patients undergoing treatment – 88,838

New patients throughout the day – 10,216

Patients healed during the day – 6,467

Total cured patients – 20,55,951

Cure rate – 93.52%

Deaths in a day – 53

Mortality rate – 2.38%

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The number of corona patients is once again on the rise in more than 180 districts across the country. Of these, 34 are districts where the number of patients has directly doubled in the last 10 days. It includes 6 districts in Maharashtra, 5 in Punjab, 4 each in Kerala and Gujarat and 3 in Madhya Pradesh.

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First published:March 5, 2021, 8:26 PM IST


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