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Amo Haji is the name of a person who has not taken a bath for 67 years. They live in Iran.

Mumbai, January 21: It is a very natural habit to take a bath after waking up in the morning before leaving the house or doing any work at home. After bathing, the body is clean and the mind is refreshed. The work begins happily. Bathing on a cold day is a life-saver for many. So one day the congregation takes a bath. Their laziness in bathing is okay at once. However, an 87-year-old man has not taken a bath for the past 67 years.

What is the reason?

Amo Haji is the name of a person who has not taken a bath for 67 years. (Amou Haji) They live in Iran. According to the Tehran Times in Iran, Haji fears he will get sick if he cleans his body. So they hate water. So they choose a place that smells bad and smells bad.

This is not the only weird habit!

Haji doesn’t have a single weird habit of not taking a bath. They don’t even like to eat fresh food. Not only that, they like to fill animal feces in pipes like tobacco.

Haji drinks five liters of water a day. They burn the grown hair. At the same time, with the help of a helmet, they try to keep their body warm on cold days. These helmets were used during the war.

Why these habits?

Why did Haji get into all these strange habits? It is natural for anyone to ask this question. Some things that happened in his life changed him completely, and he started living this way, according to Iranian media. Now Haji is happy with his dirty life. He is called the dirtiest man in the world. He doesn’t even care about that.

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First published:January 21, 2021, 2:59 PM IST


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