Oh your What is this A big ship started floating in the water Viral

A young man saw a ship floating across the sky instead of water and shared a photo of it.

Edinburgh, March 04: Where the plane flies in the sky and the ship in the water. Even if Chimurads are asked this question, they will answer the same and that is correct. We’ve always seen planes and ships in the sky. But sometimes when the ship floats in the sky (ship floating across the sky) Have you seen Maybe yes, I have seen it but only in films. Have you ever seen this happen? Just reading this question will make you smile. Does a ship ever float in the sky? That’s what you said. But in Scotland (Scotland) That is what has happened.

In the Banff of Scotland (Banff) A ship was seen floating in the sky instead of water. One young man saw it with his own eyes. Colin McCullum (Colin McCallum) That is the name of this young man.

Saw a real life optical illusion in Banff today

Posted by Colin McCallum on Friday, 26 February 2021

Colin was passing through Banff on February 26, when he suddenly saw a ship floating in the sky. Just as you didn’t believe it when you read it, you didn’t believe it when you actually saw it. If he had told someone else that he had seen something like that, he would have smiled. But when he saw something like that, he captured the scene in his camera and shared a photo of it.

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In the photo you can see a red ship floating in the sky. The lower half of this ship is completely invisible. “When I first saw the ship, I had to do a double take because I really thought it was floating,” Colin said. But when I approached this ship I saw that there was actually an optical illusion.

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There are a lot of reactions to this photo going viral. Answering their questions, he said that this was due to the accumulation of clouds on the shore. Water and land seemed to merge.

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First published:March 4, 2021, 4:03 PM IST


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