Kamala Harris was once a staunch critic of Biden; History made by becoming vice president now National

Kamala Harris was once a staunch opponent of Joe Biden. She was also known as ‘Female Obama’ during Obama’s tenure. He made history by becoming the first Indian, the first black American vice president.

Washington, January 21: Kamala Harris, an American citizen of Indian descent and now the Vice President of the United States, made history on Wednesday. She has become the first female vice president of the United States, a world superpower. She is also the first black woman to reach the top positions in the United States. After his victory in November, he had said that his mother Shyamla Gopalan had played a big role in his political career. Shyamla was a cancer researcher and civil rights activist.

After these victories, Harris has set a great example to others. He had said that he was the first woman to hold the post after winning the vice-presidential election but not the last. In 2003, she became the District Attorney of San Francisco. This was followed in August last year by Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as Vice President. She is one of only three Asian American members in the Senate to win. But more importantly, Harris was once a staunch critic of Joe Biden.

The female was known as Obama

During Barack Obama’s presidency, Kamala Harris was known as the Female Obama. Harris was born on October 20, 1964. In 1960, his mother Shyamla Gopalan migrated from Tamil Nadu to UC Berkeley in the United States. Kamala’s father, Donald Harris, came to Berkeley for further studies after graduating with a degree in economics from Jamaica. It was here that Shyamla and Donald met. The couple decided to get married while participating in the human rights movement.

Mother’s great influence on Harris’ life

Kamala Harris, 55, was born in Auckland, California. After his parents separated, Kamala and his sister Maya were taken care of by their mother. Kamala’s parents separated when she was seven years old. But the mother took good care of both the girls. Harris said that Shyamla has contributed a lot in keeping her umbilical cord connected with Indian culture.

Kamala wrote about this in her autobiography ‘The Truth We Hold’ on Biden and Harris’ promotional website. In it he told his mother that he was taking care of black girls. They will always be known as blacks. But he nurtured his daughters in such a way that Shyamla, a cancer researcher and civil rights activist, and her two daughters came to be known as ‘Shyamla and the Girls’.

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Married to lawyer Douglas Amhoff

Kamala studied at Harvard University in the United States. After graduating from Harvard, Kamala Harris graduated with a law degree from the University of California. He then began his career at the Almeida County District Attorney’s Office. In 2003, she became the District Attorney of San Francisco. In 2010, she became California’s first female and black attorney. In 2017, he was elected as the junior U.S. senator of California. In 2014, Kamala Harris married Douglas Amhoff. It has also been linked to Harris’ American, Indian, African, and Jewish traditions.

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