This country has made hijab compulsory for non-Muslim women and girls as well as Muslims. News

The hijab is still considered important by Muslims. But Indonesia’s liberal government is now pushing for the abolition of the requirement for non-Islamic women.

Jakarta, March 1: Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world (Indonesia hijab compulsion). There are 235 million Muslims living in this country. The government of this country has now stopped promoting the Islamic dress code after nearly 20 years. (Indonesia country news) The mayor of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province, Fauji Babar, in 2005 made the hijab (burqa) mandatory for Muslim women and students. This rule also applied to non-Muslim women. Now there is a demand to remove this rule of compulsory hijab and two more days have been given for it.

Many students are opposed to this hijab. In Indonesia, since 2001, local governments have enacted 60 head coverings for women. (Indonesia rules for hijab) According to Andreas Harsono of Human Rights Watch, women officers who do not follow the rules have been demoted or fired. (Indonesia girls protest against hijab)

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According to him, hijab is mandatory for Muslim girls in most of the three lakh government schools in Indonesia. Non-Muslim girls are also pressured to wear the burqa. (Indonesia non Muslim woman hijab compulsion) Now there are signs of getting rid of this rule.

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“Many female teachers are under pressure to cover their heads,” says Henny Supolo, a teacher at the Yayasan Kahaya Foundation, a teacher training foundation. Of course, the central government’s approach is liberal. The central government on February 3 has given all provincial governments and school principals until March 5 to end the requirement for women’s hijab.

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First published:March 1, 2021, 10:24 PM IST


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