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The incident at Jaisingpur in Kolhapur district has created tension among the families of the students.

Kolhapur, March 02: The incident took place in Jaysinghpur in Kolhapur district of the district. Classes XI and XII have been closed due to the release of Coronavirus Positive. In addition, swabs of other teachers and students have been sent for investigation. A total of 20 teachers and 120 students have been sent for swab examination. Quarantine instructions have been issued by the municipal administration and health department until this report is received. All of this creates an atmosphere of tension among students. Moreover, the families of these students and other teachers are also under stress.

These teachers live in Kolhapur. Her husband and both of them have been found to be corona positive. His report came back positive on Sunday after he sent a swab for a corona test. Earlier, he had taken classes for 11th and 12th class students on Friday and Saturday. So there is excitement among the students in this class.

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Swabs of other teachers have been sent for investigation after the incident. Eleventh-twelfth grade students and their parents who are present in the class of this teacher on that day have been informed. They have been instructed to remain quarantined. The swabs of these students will be sent on Tuesday. Parents are also likely to be tested.

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Meanwhile, it has also come to light that the headmaster did not report the matter to the primary health center in time after the teacher tested positive. Therefore, the medical authorities have taken the headmaster to task. Currently, the number of corona coming from Maharashtra is alarming. In such cases, everyone needs to take special care.

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First published:March 2, 2021, 11:25 AM IST


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