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During a conference in Vietnam, then-US President Donald Trump offered North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to travel home on an Air Force One.

Washington, February 23: The then President of the United States Donald Trump (Donald Trump) By Vietnam (Vietnam) Of North Korea during the conference (North Korea) Chief Kim Jong Un (Kim Jong Un) He was offered to fly home from Air Force One. The then senior administrative officer told CNN about this. The former senior official said, “Will there be any difficulty in making such an offer?” Trump did not ask any of his aides. The official said Trump did so out of friendship with Kim, just for the sake of a friend.

The BBC (BBC) The first news was given. Matthew Pottinger, an Asia continent expert at Trump’s National Security Council, told the BBC that Donald Trump had offered Kim to fly home from his Air Force One plane. Kim had traveled to Hunoi via China on a multi-day train. Trump knew this. “If you want, I can take you home in two hours,” Trump said. But Kim had refused.

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Trump did not sign any joint agreement after Kim insisted on lifting all American sanctions on his country. The dictator made the offer after the Hunoi conference. This time, Trump said, Kim had offered to take some steps toward destroying nuclear weapons. But this guarantee was not enough to lift sanctions on the country. “Sometimes we have to walk because it’s all broken down before we can plan for that period,” Trump told a news conference at the time.

News of Trump’s offer to dictator Kim Jong Un, who has been widely accused of human rights abuses in North Korea, is likely to lead to a new inquiry into Trump’s friendly relations with the dictator.

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Trump avoided mentioning human rights during discussions with Kim at the conference. Instead, Kim said he would focus on possible economic investment in North Korea if it agreed to destroy nuclear weapons. When a reporter asked Kim if there had been a discussion on these issues, Trump replied that we were discussing everything.

Earlier, former President Trump had spoken out in support of falling in love with Kim, and exchanging letters underlining their unusual relationship. Trump had made it clear that he was proud to receive a beautiful letter from Kim. This time, he said, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Pyongyang has since accused Kim of trying to sever personal ties, saying Kim did not send such a letter to Trump.

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