The world under one roof with 27 people! This is the largest family in the world Viral

Marilyn Blackmore, a 19-year-old from Canada, has revealed her family on Tick Talk.

Toronto, January 23: Arguments between siblings, different opinions of everyone is a common thing in the family. But what if a family has 150 siblings? This is not just a fantasy, but a reality. Marilyn Blackmore, a 19-year-old from Canada, has revealed her family on Tick Talk.

27 wives, 150 siblings –

The family consists of Merlin’s father’s 27 wives and 150 siblings. It is said to be the largest polygamous family in Canada. The head of the family, Whiston Blackmore, is 64 years old. He currently lives in British Columbia with a large family. Three children of this family have informed about this in public.

Along with Merlin, his two siblings Murray (19) and Warren (21) shared their family story on social media platforms. He used to be ashamed to talk about his family but now he is talking about it.

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Merlin said on TickTock that he no longer lives with his family. He has shifted to America. We’ve been trying to talk about our family for the last four years. Whiston has 27 wives, but now 22 live with him. Each child was trained to speak his mother’s name ‘Mum’ and the father’s other wives ‘mother’ and then the names of each of them.

Most children in such a large family do not live with their mother. Warren, the eldest brother, says that usually two wives live in the same house with their children. They have houses on one floor each.

This family is so big that it becomes a community. This family runs their home on the farm. Children are given the responsibility of farming. Marilyn, Murray and Warren have left their family and live separately. They are sometimes in contact with their siblings.

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