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Health Minister Rajesh Tope has also contracted coronavirus. He is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Mumbai, February 22: Corona in the state (coronavirus in maharashtra) The head is drawn up again. The virus is spreading rapidly. Corona has also sacked several ministers. One of them is the Minister of Health (Health Minister) Rajesh Tope (Rajesh tope). The health minister himself is battling corona in the hospital. While fighting Corona himself, he is now more concerned about the public. Therefore, he has written a letter to the citizens from the hospital and has made a heartfelt appeal.

Health Minister Rajesh Tope had informed on social media that his corona report was positive. He made the announcement on Twitter on February 18. He is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital. The health minister, who is struggling to free the state from the clutches of the corona, has written a letter to the public after finding the corona clutches himself.

Rajesh Tope wrote in the letter, “We have been fighting against the Corona for the last one year. We can control it. But Corona is not gone yet. He’s getting his head around it again. Then there’s going to be another collective battle. “

“I am currently fighting corona in the hospital. The corona virus has been haunting me for the last year. I went to many parts of the state, visited the corona hotspot, but Corona did not come close to me. But in the end, he reached me. We will once again take part in the collective battle against Corona, “said the health minister.

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“Understanding, sensitive and cooperative people are the hallmarks of our state. That is why we have seen all the people face the Corona Crisis with utmost restraint during the Lockdown. But now Lockdown is not affordable again. As long as there is a mask, sanitizer and safe distance, strictly follow and avoid lockdown, “said Rajesh Tope. They have also decided to defeat Corona with unity, unanimity and determination.

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Various things that were closed after the unlock process that was being implemented after the lockdown resumed. As a result, the rise of ministers among the people also increased. As a result, only ministers in the Thackeray government are beginning to find corona positive. Recently, it was revealed that NCP state president and minister Jayant Patil and minister Rajendra Shingane were infected with corona. After that Rajesh Tope’s report also came positive.

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First published:February 22, 2021, 4:49 PM IST


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