Can have sex but not marriage; The villain became ill in a woman’s love story News

Every love story has a villain. A similar villain appeared in this woman’s love story. But not in the form of man, but in the form of disease. Read exactly what the case is.

London, January 23: Every woman has a dream. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We should live happily with him. In fact, from the time a girl comes of age and begins to understand the meaning of love, mate, she begins to paint such dreams. He is with her in every dream after meeting a prince like Manas. But often such a love story is a villain. A similar villain appeared in the love story of a British woman. But not in the form of man, but in the form of disease.

This sick woman can have sex with the person she loves. But not marriage. She can’t live happily with him despite her desire, and this is because of her illness.

The 69-year-old woman lives in a care home. She fell in love with a man who lived there. She also wanted to marry him. But the court has denied her permission to marry him. She can have sex with him but not get married, the court ruled.

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The reason for the strange decision of the court is the mental illness of the woman. This woman has dementia. A person who has forgetfulness does not even have the ability to make decisions.

To dateAccording to the British Telegraph, the British Social Service Council had asked the court for a decision on the woman. The London High Court has given its verdict in this regard. This woman does not have the mental capacity to decide on marriage. But she can decide on a sexual relationship, the court said.

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The judge said the woman did not have the mental capacity to make decisions about home, finances and marriage. This woman has no idea what can happen to money and possessions if a situation like divorce arises.

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First published:January 23, 2021, 3:54 PM IST


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