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Despite the rapid increase in the number of patients, people in cities like Pune still do not seem to take corona seriously. The Pune administration has started aggressive action.

Pune, February 22: Coronary artery disease is on the rise in many places in the states including Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur. So there are signs that a second wave of Covid-19 is coming to the state. The administration has once again tightened restrictions and imposed other rules, including social discrimination and masks. But in a city like Pune, people still don’t seem to take Corona seriously. The Pune administration has started aggressive action.

The Pune Municipal Corporation’s health department has taken action against some hotels for admitting more people than the norm. This includes the famous Vaishali restaurant on Ferguson Road. The health department has also taken action against the old and famous Goodluck Hotel.

The action has been taken due to overcrowding as per the rules. Vaishali, Goodluck and 47 hotels in Pune have been fined Rs 5,000 each.

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First published:February 22, 2021, 6:25 PM IST


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