While the threat of corona is increasing in the state, another minister was infected with COVID 19 Coronavirus-latest-news

Food and Drug Administration Minister Dr. Dr. Rajendra shingne has informed you that he has contracted corona.

Mumbai, February 16: The risk of corona virus is increasing again in Maharashtra. Corona has started spreading in Mumbai and Pune again. In Vidarbha, Nagpur and Amravati, there has been a sudden outbreak of corona. The number of Corona Cases in Maharashtra is increasing. Now another minister has contracted the corona. Food and Drug Administration Minister Dr. Dr. Rajendra Shingne has contracted corona.

Food and Drug Administration Minister Rajendra Shingane has informed him that he has contracted corona. He tweeted about it and appealed to everyone he came in contact with to test it.

Rajendra Shingane said, “Today I tested positive for corona and I am in good health. However, I urge everyone who comes in contact with me to test corona. Soon I will overcome corona and return to my service.”

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Corona’s havoc in the state continues. After the decline in the number of patients in the last few days, now on the 42nd day, Maharashtra has once again become the most affected state in the country. The state has surpassed Kerala with 3,365 new corona patients. In Kerala, 2,884 corona patients were found on Monday. This is the first time since November that so many corona patients have been found in the state.

The corona killed 23 people in the state on Monday. The total number of corona patients in the state has reached 20 lakh 67 thousand 643. So far, 51,552 patients have died. More than 3,000 corona patients have been found in the state every day for the last six days.

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Speaking to reporters on the occasion, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar had said that if the number of patients continues to rise, strict steps will have to be taken in consultation with the Chief Minister. Ajit Pawar had ordered strict adherence to Corona rules and stern action against the violators. But among them, party workers showed a basket case of this order. Many activists without masks were seen at the NCP office in Mumbai. He also did not follow social distance.

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First published:February 16, 2021, 10:02 PM IST


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