Millions of sleep! The young woman had to pay Rs 35 lakh for a good night’s sleep News

The young woman could not sleep for more than 30 minutes.

UK, February 02: Sleep is important in everyone’s life. Many problems arise when you do not get enough sleep. But for some reason I don’t get enough sleep. A young woman in the UK who faced a similar problem had to pay Rs 35 lakh for sleep. So where did she get a restful sleep.

Ruby Chamberlain, 22, of Huffton of the Hill, Leicestershire, UK, has been suffering from a rare illness since the age of eight. When Ruby was first diagnosed with pain, she was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

This rare disease affects one in a million people. The exact cause of this disease is not yet understood. But the patient has severe pain in the arms and legs. They are constantly in physical pain and so they have to suffer a lot.

“I couldn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes because of the pain before the surgery,” says Ruby. This made me feel overwhelmed for a while every day. CRPS has had a huge impact on my daily life. Insufficient sleep problems. At the same time, it became impossible to meet friends and relatives. I lost my job too. To overcome this disorder, I used painkillers, such as physiotherapy.

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Of the Bible According to reports, she eventually underwent spinal cord stimulation at a cost of ,000 35,000, or about Rs 35 lakh. Ruby underwent the surgery in August 2020. During the surgery, a battery-sized pacemaker was placed under the skin of her arm. The electrodes of this pacemaker were attached to her spine. Her request for the surgery to be performed by the National Health Service in the UK was denied. She was able to have the surgery after people helped her financially, and she was relieved.

Ruby can now sleep at least enough time. The system installed in her body helps her to sleep. Before she goes to sleep, she presses a button on the remote control, which causes the pain sensing waves to block. This surgery allows her to get enough sleep now, as well as participate in all the activities.

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Spinal card stimulation surgery has changed Ruby’s life. Her daily life is improving now that the pain has been reduced to 80 percent. Ruby can now dine at the dining table with the family. Ruby can now sit for hours with yoga and walk freely. These things she could not do before because of CRPS disorder. Now she wants to go back to the club.

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First published:February 2, 2021, 9:46 PM IST


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