K-pop star Sowon: Singer troll due to photo taken with statue, post had to be deleted | News

K-pop star Sowon from South Korean K-pop girl group GeFriend is currently a troll on social media. Because of her pose with a statue wearing a Nazi uniform, people have targeted her.

Seoul February 1: K-pop star Sowon from South Korean K-pop girl group GeFriend is currently trolling social media. Because she posted some photos (posting photo with nazi) posing with a statue wearing a Nazi uniform. Shortly after, she deleted her Instagram post. The singer, identified as Kim Soo Jung, shared two photos of herself with a statue wearing a historic German military uniform.

The photo is said to be on the set of Gifriends’ upcoming album Walpurgis Night. Sovon deleted the post from social media without saying anything about it. Reacting to this, sources in the music industry said that they are investigating the incident.

G-Friend’s fans are demanding that the singer apologize for these photos. Her name has been trending on social media for the same demand.

A Twitter user said that she was disappointed with Sovon’s action, but later deleted the photo. She should apologize for that. They are not our friends to look at the Nazis with love or to kiss them. They are killers. They killed 6 million Jews. It also had 1.5 million children.

So, one user said that a woman born in 1995 is not expected to know about this uniform or what it symbolizes. So, one said that every Korean needs to know about it.

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First published:February 1, 2021, 8:47 PM IST


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