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Children often try to force adults to put their fingers in their mouths. This Pitukali has done such a unique job.

Wales, 1 February: A little girl has done a great job in finding the footprints of dinosaurs seen on the sea shore. According to scientists, these footprints may be about 220 million years old.

Of ‘The Sun’ CircleAccording to reports, Lily Wilder, a young girl from South Wales, was walking along the beach in Barry. At the same time, she saw dinosaur footprints. Scientists say the fossils will help dinosaurs understand how 220 million years ago worked.

Sally Wilder, 41, is Lily’s mother. He said that Lily had gone to sea with her father. When Lily saw the imprint, she showed it to her father. In fact, these impressions are as big as her height. Sally says, ‘When Richard showed me his photos, I thought it was amazing. Even Richard was shocked to see this. We immediately called the experts. Those people came and immediately started research on the subject from them.

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Bendrix Bay, where Lily saw these dinosaur footprints, is famous for its dinosaur footprints. However, the footprints that Lily saw are very important. According to Cindy Howells, curator of the National Museum of Paontology at the Wells Museum, this is one of the finest specimens of dinosaur footprints found on this beach. The length of these footprints is only 10 centimeters and it is very difficult to determine whether these footprints were created by dinosaurs 220 years ago. These fossils are preserved in the National Museum. According to the National Museum of Wales, this will help fossil scientists in their research.

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First published:February 1, 2021, 7:31 PM IST


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