Will Team India, which is coming to Mumbai after touring Australia, have to be quarantined? BMC and government shadow confusion | Coronavirus-latest-news

Will quarantine rules be imposed on the winners after their return to Mumbai? Athletes will be able to go straight home or else stay in a hotel as quarantine rules in India, in fact nothing has been decided about what to do with their quarantine rules.

Mumbai, January 20: The countrymen are eager to welcome Team India back to India after touring Australia (IND VS AUS). The young brigade of the Indian team has set a record for dusting Australia in Test cricket. This success has been achieved under the leadership of Mumbai captain Ajinkya Rahane. But this victorious brigade still has no idea what to do after arriving in Mumbai, stay at home or stay in another hotel as a quarantine (quarantine rules in india). This is because there is no consensus between the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the government on the rules. In fact, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Quarantine rules were tightened in Europe in December after a new strain of coronavirus caused a stir. For the first few days, British (Covid-19 UK) flights were suspended. Every passenger who came after was forced to follow the test and quarantine rules. The quarantine rule still applies to passengers from abroad.

There are strict rules, especially for citizens from Europe and the Middle East, where the coronavirus is still rampant. The real Indian cricket team comes from Australia. It is one of the few countries to have survived the Covid-19 attack. The number of daily coronary heart disease patients in Australia is now very low. This country is not on the list of dangerous countries. But that could be a headache for Team India.

The Indian team will not return home directly from Australia. Most of the players’ flights are to the Middle East. No direct flights. So will the quarantine rules that apply to passengers coming from the Middle East apply to these players as well?

What is the rule of BMC?

Since Ajinkya Rahane, players like Shardul Thakur, Prithvi Shaw and Rohit Sharma have been living in Mumbai. Will they have to remain quarantined as per Mumbai Municipal Corporation rules? Daksha Shah, Assistant Health Officer, NMC, said, “Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s quarantine rules are clear. Every passenger coming from Africa, Middle East or Europe has to stay in Institutional Quarantine. Of course, some exceptions have been made recently. The information is available on the website. “

Asked if the players in the Indian team would have to live in institutional segregation, he declined to answer. This will be decided by the airport authority. This is also a matter for them.

In fact, it is up to the Municipal Corporation to decide whether the Mumbai players should go directly home or be quarantined as per the rules. Also, the rules of the Central and State Governments regarding the passengers coming from abroad are clear. But no one seems to be taking a clear stand on what to do when the players return home. There is still confusion about this.

First published:January 20, 2021, 10:03 PM IST


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