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In Britain, the new strain of coronavirus in the UK is literally causing an emergency. Britain is making every effort to prevent this new strain. But some scientists say that this is like gambling on health.

London, January 2: The new strain of the corona poses a serious threat to Britain. So Britain has changed its Covid-19 Vaccination policy to get out of it as soon as possible. The UK is now vaccinating (mix and match) covid vaccine. Health officials have said that if a patient does not know the exact dose of the second dose of the vaccine or does not know the manufacturer of the first vaccine, another alternative vaccine can be given.

This policy is a breach of previous guidelines. Because these principles say, ‘The official Covid-19 vaccine is not interchangeable. Moreover, the safety and effectiveness of the mixed product series have not been evaluated. Both doses of vaccine should be of the same vaccine. ‘

Some scientists say that Britain is gambling on vaccines. There is no data available yet on the idea of ​​this mix and match. All this is being done in such a way as to play a blind game against science. ‘ That’s what John Moore of Cornell University said.

Health officials in Britain are well on their way to a new strain on the corona. He is trying to get more people vaccinated. Hospitals here are overflowing with people infected with the corona. The number of new infections every day is also huge. Schools in London will remain closed for the next two weeks, health officials said on Friday.

Britain has given the green light to two vaccines, Pfizer, Oxford and AstraZeneca, in case of emergency. According to newly introduced guidelines in the UK, every effort should be made to use the same company’s vaccine when administering both doses of the vaccine. However, the dose should be completed using another vaccine only if there is no cure.

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First published:January 2, 2021, 3:01 PM IST


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