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The beauty, who was out for a walk near the house, was hit by a bus coming from behind. Former Miss World Norma Cappagli has died in an accident.

Buenos Aires (Argentina), December 24 : The beauty of the past, the world famous model, the former Miss World, who captivated not only her country but also the world with her beauty, died in a terrible accident. The beauty, who was out for a walk near the house, was hit by a bus and died on the spot. For 6 days she struggled with death, but eventually failed. Former Miss World Norma Cappagli of Argentina has died in an accident.

On December 17, as she was walking near her home, she was hit by a bus coming from behind. She was seriously injured in the crash. She also went into a coma due to a fractured head. He breathed his last on December 22 after battling death for 6 days. She was 81 years old.

Norma won the Miss World title in 1960 in London. Norma was the first Argentine woman to win the Miss World title. He was only 21 at the time. She then did modeling work for reputed brands like Armani and Dior. After winning the Miss World title, she was also announced as a prize of 500 500 and a sports car. A few days later, in an interview with InfoBela, he said that he had received a cash prize but never the announced luxury car.

After achieving success in modeling, he also tried his luck in singing. In 1962, he sang “Sexy World” with Italian violinist Armando. The song was also used for a show. Norma returned home in 1989 after living in Brazil for some time away from home.

Carla, the niece of Norma Cappagli, said she died in a bus accident. He kept himself and those around him safe during the Corona outbreak. After the Corona epidemic was over, she wanted to go for a walk in Punta del Este. She was very active even at this age. But a bus driver’s mistake caused Norma to die. So now all their dreams are gone, said Carla, Norma’s niece.

A 28-year-old bus driver has been arrested in the case. The bus was also seized. Police are investigating the incident. The 81-year-old Norma’s passing has shocked everyone.

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First published:December 24, 2020, 2:41 PM IST


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