Controversial Swami Nityananda’s new stunt, tourist visa to come to his country | News

A video of Nityaananda has gone viral. In this video, he has done a new stunt of ‘Visabaji’. A few months ago, he had declared a new country called ‘Kailasa’.

Mumbai, December 18: A few days back, Nithyananda, who is accused of a sex scandal and exploiting girls at an ashram in Ahmedabad and is on the police radar, declared his own country, Kailasa. Since then he has now done another new stunt. He has announced the issuance of visas for tourists to come to Kailasa.

What is Nityananda’s new claim?

A video of Nityanand has gone viral. In this video, he has done a new stunt of ‘Visabaji’. He is also rumored to have started his own Garuda chartered flight to Kailasa Island. The airline will be from Australia. Tourists coming to this country will be able to stay only for three days. Nityanand has announced that free meals and accommodation will be provided to them during this period. All tourists can visit ‘Param Shiva’. Due to Nityanand’s new announcement, he is living on an island near Australia and it is being speculated that he has given the status of ‘Kailasa’ country to the same island.

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A few months back, Nityanand had announced the establishment of a ‘Reserve Bank of Kailasa’ in his new country. He has now launched this independent e-mail service. He will process the visa process through this e-mail.

Who is Nityananda?

Nityananda’s real name is Rajasekharan from Tamil Nadu. He had opened an ashram in Bangalore in 2000. French authorities are also investigating a लाख 400,000 fraud against him. A complaint was also lodged against him in connection with the disappearance of two girls from the Ahmedabad ashram. He had fled the country in 2018.

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First published:December 18, 2020, 6:24 PM IST


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