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This decision has made many citizens of Bhutan happy

Thimphu, 13 December: Homosexuality has been recognized in the Bhutanese parliament and will no longer be a crime. Citizens of the LGBTQ community are happy with this decision of the government. The decision was taken in a joint sitting of both the Houses of Parliament and the relationship has been de-criminalized. Earlier, homosexual acts were considered a crime in Bhutan. According to Bhutan’s penal code, the offenses were committed under sections 213 and 214. But the repeal of the clause in a joint sitting of Parliament yesterday has given the relationship legal recognition.

According to Ugyen Wangdi, a Bhutanese MP and vice-chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Committee, the bill is 100 percent approved by Reuters. 63 out of 69 members of both houses were present at the voting. So six members were absent. Earlier in Bhutan, this relationship was called unnatural relationship. But they will no longer be considered in normal relationships.

King’s permission left

Although the law has been approved by the Bhutanese parliament, it has yet to be approved by the King of Bhutan. Once the king approves it, it will become law and homosexuality will become official. Commenting on this, human rights activist Tashi Sheten said, “We are very happy and this is a victory for the LGBT community.”

A day of celebration for the citizens of Bhutan

The LGBTQ community will now be counted in next year’s census after Bhutan approved the law. It will be used to ensure the right to education and health to all communities across the country. Speaking to Reuters, Shetten, director of Rainbow, an organization working for the community in Bhutan, said it was a victory for human rights. He also thanked the people of Bhutan. He also said that this was made possible by the support of Bhutanese citizens to the community. He also said that today is a day of joy for every citizen of Bhutan.

In India 2018 Recognition of homosexual relationships in

Homosexual relations have already been recognized in India and in 2018 it was dropped from the category of crime. India has a total population of over 25 lakh LGBTQ citizens. Following the adoption of the law in Bhutan, the relationship has now been ratified in many countries in Asia. Bhutan has the largest population of Buddhists with a population of 8 million.

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First published:December 13, 2020, 10:09 AM IST


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