VIDEO VIRAL: Dog was estranged from owner 3 years ago; That’s how it happened Viral

It had been three years since Debra and Lola separated, and the two had given up hope of seeing each other again. But … even if you are not an animal lover, you will see tears in your eyes

New York, December 7 : Debra and Lola had been separated for three years and the two had given up hope of seeing each other again. But one day Lola suddenly stood in front of him and Debra couldn’t believe his eyes and luck. This is the story of Debra and her pet dog Lola. After three years away from her owner in Michigan, USA, Lola, a Labrador dog, returned home.

The dog and its owner were reunited with DuPage County Animal Welfare Services. “I think my dream has come true,” Debra Mejur said Saturday after meeting her beloved dog. In 2017, when the Mejours went to visit their friend in Elk Grove Village, Lola left home and never returned. At the time, the couple made several attempts to find their dog. Used the services of several professionals. Notices were issued but they were not successful.

Last week, a couple in Glyendel Heights, Illinois, called the Dupaz County organization and told them they had been seeing Lola in a protected area for the past few years. They also feed Lola and take care of her, he said. The owner was then tracked down with the help of a microchip in Lola’s neck. “I didn’t have any hope,” Debra said. I even thought he might not come back now. But now Debra is very happy to see Lola. Maybe Lola could have been told how and where he lived for three years. Debra and her family are very happy to see Lola again after this visit three years later.

Animals are more honest and kind than humans. Once they are alive, they never forget the person until they die and live honestly with him. Also, if humans fight animals, it becomes more difficult for humans to get away from them. This made it difficult for Debra to stay away from Lola for three years. In this they tried hard to find Lola but their efforts were not successful. But three years later, when Lola stood before him, he could not believe it.

First published:December 7, 2020, 9:53 PM IST


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