Awful! The dictator’s terror continues, Kim Jong Un shoots Corona’s rule breaker Videsh

Fearing Corona, Kim has officially closed all his borders since March. In order to create fear among the people going and coming illegally, the person was shot directly.

Pyongyang, 5 November : The brutal face of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has once again come to the fore. A man has been publicly shot for violating the Corona Virus Prevention Rules. Not only that, North Korea has set up anti-aircraft guns on the Chinese border to scare people, and orders to shoot at the moment they see violators. These acts of the dictator have created an atmosphere of terror among the people.

According to the Daily Mail, citing Radio Free Asia, on November 28, North Korea’s military shot dead a man in public on the orders of dictator Kim Jong Un. The man, who was shot, was found smuggling goods from China in violation of Corona-era rules.

Meanwhile, fearing the corona, Kim has officially closed all his borders since March. In order to create fear among the people who were going anywhere illegally, the person was shot directly.

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According to the report, no matter how much North Korea denies cases of the corona virus, the situation there is not known to be good. Dictator Kim Jong Un Corona fears the situation. Violators have been shot to intimidate residents in border areas. Kim Jong Un suspects that people on China’s borders are more in contact with other people. Some people are also involved in smuggling. Therefore, such people can spread the corona, he says.

The age of the deceased is said to be 50 years. The man had been smuggling across the border with his Chinese accomplices for the past several months. China is North Korea’s largest trading partner, but trade between the two countries fell by 75 percent during the Corona period. North Korea’s border guards have also been accused of involvement in smuggling. So Kim Jong Un has deployed special units in his army to the border area to investigate whether the border guards are involved in smuggling.

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No one believes North Korea’s claim –

North Korea has officially claimed that there are no cases of the corona virus in its country to date. But the world does not believe Kim’s claim. Strict censorship in North Korea makes it impossible to get accurate information, so it is very difficult to know exactly what is going on there. But as the information is coming out, many are speculating that the situation there is not good.

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First published:December 5, 2020, 10:26 AM IST


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