World AIDS Day inspiring story of HIV positive girl | World AIDS Day: By becoming an engineer, ‘she’ will become the basis of the family ..

Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers – Yash Foundation’s Charity Crossing!

Today is World AIDS Day

Mumbai: Revati Mahajan (name has been changed). Age 19 years. Chakan will stay. Revati is the only daughter of the parents. Both her parents are AIDS positive and she is also infected. Despite the poor conditions at home, they sent Revati to school. While everything was going well, Revati’s father passed away and the responsibility of Revati fell on her mother.

Revati used to come to Yash Foundation every month to take ‘nutrition’ from her childhood. She told the seniors at the Yash Foundation everything that happened. She was then given annual educational assistance. After she passed Class X, Mahindra Company and Yash Foundation helped her get admission in the college with the help of scholarship. Revati is studying in a college in Pune today. Her dream of becoming an engineer is coming true.

This is made possible by the leading Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers and the Yash Foundation.

Speaking to her on the sidelines of World AIDS Day on Tuesday, she said, “I was worried about my future education after the death of my father.” But Yash Foundation and Mahindra Company provide educational assistance every year. Maybe my dream of becoming an engineer would have remained unfulfilled if these two institutions were not behind me. “Today I am studying engineering in a good college in a city like Pune,” she said.

On behalf of Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers and Yash Foundation, it was informed that HIV / AIDS awareness program has been running in Chakan city and Purna Khed taluka since 2016. Through this program, the organization has so far succeeded in creating awareness among 2,74,162 people in Chakan city and Khed taluka, said Ravindra Patil of Yash Foundation.

Distribution of groceries during the Coronation Period

HIV during corona-lockout To achieve the goal of coexisting people and children to cope with their health and prevent coronary heart disease, 2,500 migrant workers from Chakan, Khed and 245 people living with HIV have been provided by both the organizations. It was informed that the rations were distributed to the cohabiting persons and children in accordance with the social distance rules. Migrant workers were informed that lunch boxes and water facilities were provided to them.

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First Published on December 1, 2020 1:47 am

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