Will Pak-US relations improve if Biden becomes US president? India has to stay alert News

Biden was awarded Hilal-e-Pakistan, Pakistan’s second highest civilian honor, in 2008.

Islamabad / Washington, November 5: Democratic candidate Joe Biden is now some distance from the majority in the US presidential election results. Biden’s success is crucial for a troubled Pakistan under the Donald Trump administration. Biden is believed to be an old Pakistan supporter. Biden was awarded Hilal-e-Pakistan, Pakistan’s second highest civilian honor, in 2008. Biden is one of the few American leaders to support financial aid to Pakistan.

There is a reason behind Biden getting ‘Hilal-e-Pakistan’. It is said that in 2008, Biden’s efforts resulted in डॉलर 1.5 billion in non-military aid to Pakistan each year. The proposal was brought to the Senate by Biden and Senator Richard Lugar. The then President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari thanked Biden for supporting Pakistan. According to Biden, Pakistan is a victim of terrorism and it is not right to stop its financial aid.

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Controversial statement about India

Biden’s anti-India rhetoric on the Kashmir issue has surfaced during his election campaign. In his campaign for Muslim Americans, his team said he compared Muslims in Kashmir to Rohingya in Bangladesh and Uighur Muslims in China. The campaign called on the Indian government to grant Article 370. Biden’s vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris also made a statement on the issue in Kashmir. Pakistan has also been urging the US to mediate in the Kashmir issue. According to Pakistani experts, Biden’s presence in the White House could bring relief to debt-ridden Pakistan. Biden can establish good relations with Pakistan in his foreign policy. According to Talat Masood, a retired lieutenant general in the Pakistani military and a senior analyst on political military affairs, relations with Pakistan will return to normal after Biden becomes US president.

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First published:November 5, 2020, 7:13 PM IST


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