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Research has been done on which mask is best to protect against coronavirus.

California, September 28: People are defending themselves in different ways during the coronavirus crisis. It includes sanitizers, masks, plastic shields and social distance. Some people are using cloth, some surgical and some N95 masks. But everyone is wondering which of these masks is effective. Research has shown that the N95 mask is the most effective in reducing the spread of the corona virus.

The mask was studied at the University of California. Medical Express This research has been published in. Infectious sneezing from coughs and sneezes increases the risk of airborne infections, and surgical masks and N95 masks are more effective in reducing the risk of infection. The risk of spreading sneezing and coughing after applying N95 is reduced by 10 times

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After using a cloth mask, the researchers found that a large amount of infectious virus was released from the patient’s cough and sneeze. At the same time, homemade masks have been shown to be unable to control the speed and intensity of coughing. Although these masks prevent large amounts of germs, large amounts of fabric threads are spread in the air. So N-95 is proving to be the most effective of all these masks.

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Research on corona vaccines is underway around the world. Until the vaccine comes on the market, it will be mandatory for everyone to wear a mask. The mask only helps prevent the spread of the corona virus. Prevents corona virus from spreading in the body of a person infected with corona and from entering the body of a healthy person. Therefore, experts advise to use N-95 mask if you want to prevent coronavirus.

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First published:September 28, 2020, 10:43 PM IST


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