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Virat Kohli had an argument with Ricky Potting over the umpire’s decision, Ashwin revealed.

New Delhi, November 12: Although the Delhi Capitals lost to Mumbai Indians in the final of IPL 2020, they did well this season. All the players on the team attributed this to coach Ricky Potting. However, Delhi spinner Ravichandran Ashwin said that there was a dispute between Potting and RCB captain Virat Kohli in the IPL match.

There have been two matches between RCB and Delhi Capitals this IPL season. One match was won by Delhi and one by Bangalore. In the first match between Delhi and Bangalore, RCB had won by 59 runs. So, Delhi won the second match by 6 wickets. However, in the second match, Virat and Potting had a dispute over a decision, Ashwin said.

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During the match, Virat was talking to the on-field umpire in strategic time out, when Potting said something. The two then got into an argument. But the controversy escalated. The dispute was settled by the referee and the players. After the IPL match, Ashwin told what happened in one event.

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Ashwin said Virat and his team were not happy with the decision taken by the on-field umpire in the match. Ashwin said: “My back started hurting during the match. I bowled and went off the field. However, the RCB started questioning the umpire. After that, Ricky got down and then Virat and he got into an argument.”

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Both Delhi and Bangalore made it to the playoffs this season. However, RCB had to accept defeat in the eliminator match from Hyderabad. So, after losing to Qualifier-1, Delhi reached Qualifier-2 and reached the final. However, his dream of winning the IPL this year remained unfulfilled.

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