‘This sarpanch is number one hundred gold, can’t be found in 10 villages!’ This Sarpanch is a hundred numbered gold, can’t be found in 10 villages! ‘ The Diwali of the villagers was sweet in Corona too | Coronavirus-latest-news

‘Happiness on the face of the villagers is more important …’

Aurangabad: The Sarpanch of Patoda, an ideal village near Aurangabad, is currently being discussed all over Maharashtra. On the occasion of Diwali 2020, the entire village is appreciating the steps taken by the Sarpanch. The women of the village are so happy that not only 2 sweets but 4 will be made on Diwali. Another specialty of this village is that even in the crisis of Corona, the villagers paid 100 per cent tax.

In Coronavirus, everyone had to bear the brunt. Most of the people in Patoda village depend on the nearby city of Aurangabad. At that time, the economy of the village had also deteriorated. However, after paying 100 per cent tax, every family in the village has been given sugar at Rs 35 per kg in the market at Rs 20. As a result, the villagers got sugar at Rs. 35 to 40 per kg in the market at Rs. 20 and that too at 25 kg.

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Apart from this, many activities are carried out here which can be called an ideal village. The villagers get hot water for bathing, pure drinking water, free flour for the taxpayer, shevaya, kuradya, papad and dal for free. On this, the Sarpanch of the village Bhaskar Pere Patil said that during the time of Corona, proper care was taken in the village. Basins were set up at various places in the village. However, during the Diwali celebrations, discussions were held on what can be done to reduce the financial strain on the villagers. From this came a proposal that getting sugar at a discounted rate on Diwali would help a lot.

For this we contacted a factory in Latur. He decided to give us sugar at Rs 30 per kg. Then the gram panchayat decided to take some burden and we decided to give sugar to the villagers at Rs. 20 per kg. If the villagers have paid the Gram Panchayat tax regularly in the Corona crisis, then their Diwali should be a happy one, he said.

His speech is very popular on YouTube. Part of one of those speeches …

Bhaskar Pere Patil says that the happiness on the face of the villagers is more important than how much money they have saved. On Bhaskarrao, a 70-year-old Kalabai Muchak from his own village says..our Sarpanch is the number one hundred gold..10 cannot be found in the village.

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First published:November 10, 2020, 5:38 PM IST


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