Security was due to the presidency; Now that criminal cases have been uncovered, how will Trump get caught? Security was due to the presidency; Now that criminal cases have been uncovered, how will Trump get caught? | News

Washington, November 10: On the one hand, leader Joe Biden has become the next president of the United States. Incumbent President Donald Trump, on the other hand, will have to step down. Some news is being published quoting former lawyers and lawyers. It says that if the legal protections afforded to Donald Trump by the presidency are removed, there may be some revelations about Trump that could put him in a difficult position.

Trump has been under investigation in various criminal cases since accepting the presidency in January 2017. And if these reports are to be believed, the legal battle is likely to be very costly for Trump after Biden accepts the presidency and Trump leaves the White House.

1 Many things came to the fore from an inquiry

An investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Van, who has been investigating the crime against Trump and his family company, the Trump Organization, for more than two years, has revealed a number of things. Ahead of the 2016 election, two women said they had sex with Trump. Which he had denied. But the women are said to have been secretly paid by Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The inquiry report in this case has recently been submitted to the court. The scope of this investigation is likely to extend to banks, taxes, insurance scams and illegal businesses. Vance has begun collecting information on Trump’s tax returns over the past eight years. The court dismissed Vance’s investigation, saying he could not be convicted because Trump is president, but now that he is president, the trial could resume.

2 Can an inquiry be conducted by the Department of Justice?

The US Department of Justice could investigate the allegations against Trump. According to the New York Times, Trump paid only 7 750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017. So they may be questioned about tax evasion. Trump has denied the allegations, saying he has paid billions of dollars in taxes. Legal experts, on the other hand, say it is difficult to make any allegations without looking at the entire document. Biden has made it clear that the Justice Department should take action if it deems it right.

Read this: Trump will be sent to jail for ‘these’ crimes as soon as he leaves the White House3 New York Civil Fraud Investigation

Attorney General Letter James is also investigating the tax scandal against Trump. His lawyer, Michael Kohl, told Congress that Trump has increased assets to save money and reduce property taxes. That’s when Democrat James began the investigation. The Trump administration had said that the action was being taken out of political expediency. But since the investigation is civil, even if Trump is found guilty, he will still have to pay a fine.

4 Played by Carroll Alleged rape

Carol, a former author of a popular magazine, accused Trump of raping her in a department store in 1990. Carroll also filed a defamation suit against Trump in 2019 in this case. In August, the judge allowed the case to proceed. This means that DNA testing can be done from the pieces of her dress given by Carol. Now that Biden has arrived, tough action is likely to be taken.

5 Case of molestation

Summer Xerovs, who joined Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice in 2005 as a contestant, alleges that Trump forcibly kissed her during a meeting in 2007 and then sexually abused her in a hotel. Trump denied the allegations when she filed a defamation suit against him. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. But now that the post is out of their hands, they are likely to get involved in some cases.


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