COVID-19: As soon as Diwali dawned, a record number of patients overcame Corona Coronavirus-latest-news

Maharashtra Covid Update The number of patients undergoing treatment in the state has also come down to 92,461.

Mumbai 10 November: The state is now looking forward to Diwali in the true sense of the word. There are only four days left till Diwali. As a result, the markets are crowded. While this crowd has raised concerns, the daily figures are currently a source of relief. As many as 10,769 patients overcame corona in the state on Tuesday, November 10. Therefore, the total number of patients getting corona free is 15 lakh 88 thousand 091. The recovery rate of the state has gone up to 91.96.

During the day, there was an increase of 3 thousand 791 patients. While 46 corona patients died. The state’s mortality rate is 2.63. The number of patients undergoing treatment in the state has also come down and 92,461 patients are undergoing treatment, according to the health ministry.

Patients who have recovered from the coronavirus will not be re-infected with the coronavirus. They also need to be more careful. Adar Punawala, CEO of Serum Institute of India, has also called for more care about the dangerous after-effects of corona.

Poonawala shared a Bloomberg report and tweeted that there are now clear reports of the harassment effect of Kovid-19 for longer.

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Do not assume that you have been healed by Corona, thus avoiding danger. You can get infected again in a few months. Please be careful for this. The Bloomberg report shared by Poonawala mentions the health-related problems that patients recovering from corona later on.

Many cured patients face a number of health problems, including lung and heart disease, and early asthma. For this reason, post-covid clinics have been started in all places, where post-covid patients are being treated.

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First published:November 10, 2020, 8:02 PM IST


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