The second attack in France in 72 hours, the attacker escaped by shooting at the church father | Globe News Insider

In France, attacks by extremists do not stop. It is the second such attack in 72 hours.

Lyon, 01 November: In France, attacks by extremists do not stop. It is the second such attack in 72 hours. An unidentified assailant has escaped after firing on a church pastor at a church gate in Lyon, France. The killing of a church pastor has caused a stir in the area. This is said to be the second attack in 72 hours. According to doctors, the bullets were fired at the father of a Greek traditional church at close range.

The head of the church was seriously injured in the attack and was taken to hospital. His condition is reported to be critical. Police are searching for the absconding attacker.

According to police, the attackers were wearing long black coats. He had hidden the gun in this coat. As Lyon approached the church, he attacked Father and fled. After the attack on Farad, the people present there rushed him to the hospital. No motive has been identified for the killings.

After the imposition of this curfew, the face of this country changed; Awesome silence seen in PHOTOS!

Three people have so far been killed in a knife attack near a discussion in the French city of Nice on October 29, according to French news agencies. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a church in the city of Nice. One woman was beheaded. Another died at the hospital. Several people were injured.

A similar knife attack took place in Paris in September near the office of Charlie Hebdo, a magazine that publishes satirical text. The possibility of a terrorist force behind it was being speculated even then. Now the possibility has been raised by an attack directly on Notre Dame Church in the city of Nice.

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