Major US military action; Trump raises interest by tweeting | Globe News Insider

Trump (US President Donald Trump) tweeted a big victory for the US military. What is this action?

Washington, October 31 : US President Donald Trump announces a major US action. On Saturday evening, Trump tweeted a big victory for the US military. The US Special Forces action and the details will be revealed soon, which raises a number of possibilities. But Reuters quoted the Pentagon as saying that US forces had gone to Nigeria and carried out the operation.

After he tweeted that the US Special Forces have achieved a great feat, many possibilities were raised. In northern Nigeria, some people were abducted and held hostage by locals. This included a 27-year-old U.S. citizen. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. The Pentagon has confirmed the report, but did not provide further details.

Philip Walton, a 27-year-old civilian, was rescued by a U.S. Navy SEAL, two U.S. officials said on condition of anonymity. The U.S. military says no one was hurt in the attack. No one was injured.

Trump’s tweet came as the US presidential election was in full swing. There is no official word yet.

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