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France Terror attack in Nice The attacker kept on attacking Allahu Akbar. What is the cause of this religious tension in France?

Paris, 29 October : In the French city of Nice (Nice knife attack), a head-on attacker broke into a church with the slogan of Allah Akbar and carried out a knife attack (france terrorism attack). He beheaded a woman and stabbed several others. Three people have been killed in the attack. The mayor of the city of Nice expressed the possibility that this was a terrorist attack, because of the ongoing religious tensions in France.

Nice Mayor Christian Istorsi called it a terrorist attack. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a church in the city of Nice. Officials from France’s anti-terrorism squad are investigating.

What happened in Nice?

At least three people have been killed so far in a knife attack near Notre Dame in central Nice, in the southern French city of Nice. According to local media reports, the assailants kept on attacking Allahu Akbar chanting slogans. Police told Reuters they had arrested the suspected assailant.

According to French news outlets, the attack was extremely brutal. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a church in Notre Dame. One woman was beheaded. Another died at the hospital. Many are injured.

What’s going on in France?

A few days ago, a schoolteacher in France was similarly beheaded. The reason behind the brutal murder of a teacher by a person of Chechen descent was that the teacher showed a caricature of the Prophet Mohammad to the class of civics. He was beheaded as a punishment for his anti-Islamic activities, the Chechen leader said.

A similar knife attack took place in Paris in September near the office of Charlie Hebdo, a magazine that publishes satirical texts and cartoons. The possibility of a terrorist force behind it was being speculated even then. Now the possibility has been raised by an attack directly on Notre Dame Church in the city of Nice.

There is something behind the Nice attack that is different because it has not been solved yet.

French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned France’s crackdown on fanatics, saying it was a form of terrorism. Macron is accused of following the caricature of the Prophet. As a result, he has angered many Muslims.

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