Boeing loses 1 point 30 lakh jobs | Globe News Insider

The blow to the airline, which was disrupted by the Corona Accord and the layoffs, has hit the airline’s leading American Boeing company. Boeing has announced plans to cut 1.30 lakh jobs in the coming year due to a lack of demand for new aircraft from airlines.

The first blow of job cuts will be inflicted in the current year and in the first phase, the ax of unemployment will fall on 30,000 employees of the company. The company had announced 19,000 layoffs three months ago.

Boeing, which has headquarters in Chicago and manufacturing projects in Seattle and South Carolina, has taken steps to avoid hiring new employees for a year in place of retired as well as previously cut staff.

While announcing the financial results of the third quarter of 2020, Boeing reviewed the manpower in the fleet. The company had a net loss of टक्के 449 million in the September quarter, down 29 per cent.

Boeing’s decision to suspend production and distribution of the company’s 737 Max, which has been the subject of criticism since two major accidents, has been suspended since March 2019. The company also recently feared that demand for new aircraft would grow by 11 per cent in the coming decade, after the Corona massacre. Boeing delivered less than 100 aircraft between January and August, compared to 301 a year earlier. The company did not receive any new aircraft in September.

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