Modern Solution: Japanese man fights to prevent bicycle theft ‘This’ name Japanese man take idea from bird and apply Modern Solution to Fight Cycle Theft | Globe News Insider

Often a person can do anything to protect the things they love.

Tokyo, September 11: Often a person can do anything to protect the things they love. They keep the item by doing something so that it is not lost or stolen. Beloved than your soul, sometimes your thing makes people feel. In Japan, too, a person has tried to protect his belongings in a similar way. The man here has fought a different battle to prevent his bicycle from being stolen and has a party excrement sticker affixed to his bicycle seat.

According to the local news agency Unilad, Motoki Roga, a 29-year-old man from Japan, is fighting to prevent his bicycle from being stolen. He said that he fought this battle as he was sure that his bicycle would not be stolen as there was party excrement on his bicycle seat. These stickers were part of his study. So this idea came to his head. He also did some experiments for this. He had affixed stickers on several motorcycles in this manner. Five days later, when he left, none of the vehicles were stolen. So he decided to put a sticker on his bicycle seat as well.

But more importantly, he has also set up a record through citizens for this social experiment. He had set a target of raising 200,000 Japanese yen. However, with the overwhelming support of the people, the amount has risen to 450,000 Japanese Yen. “Thank you all,” he said. All the money has been collected properly and your cooperation has given a big boost to this social work. Bicycles are widely stolen in Japan. Bicycles are stolen in Japan every 15 minutes. In 2018, 35,395 bicycles were stolen in Japan. Of these, 42 per cent bicycles were properly locked. However, they were stolen.

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