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Now there is talk of hair loss being associated with coronavirus news symptoms. It has also been studied at Indiana University in the United States.

Indiana (USA), October 26 : Coronavirus has spread around the world. While the number of new corona patients is declining in India, especially in Maharashtra, it has become clear that another wave of corona has arrived in countries like France and the United States. At the same time, some new symptoms of Covid-19 are emerging. Now there is talk of hair loss being linked to corona.

New research has shown that hair loss is also a symptom of corona. Until now, Corona’s symptoms included fever, chills, and cough. Some also had difficulty breathing and could not smell or recognize odors. But now hair loss is also a new symptom. It is better to get tested instead of just worrying about hair loss.

Symptoms found in some patients

Professor Dr. Indiana University in the United States. Natalie Lambert and her team studied 1,500 people. These patients have completely recovered from the corona but still have symptoms after coming out of it. Also, after Corona was diagnosed, her hair began to fall out very quickly. However, the problem of hair loss was found in only a few patients.

Also cause stress

Virtually all patients participated in this study. In it, he has said that he is losing a huge amount of hair. But experts believe that Corona’s anxiety and stress may have caused her to lose her hair. Hair loss can often be caused by excessive stress. Lack of nutrients in the body is also one of the reasons. So to stay away from stress, one should have a nutritious diet and proper lifestyle. Stress has various effects on the body. If the coronary patient is under stress, he may suffer more. Researchers believe that this may be one of the reasons for hair loss. But there is no need to panic because of this research. Corona has various symptoms. If you have any doubts, you can see a doctor immediately. A test can tell if a person has a corona.

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