Ghost Villages open to tourists; People started coming and … Greek ghost villages wake up for tourists | Globe News Insider

Attempts were made again to bring people to this uninhabited village.

Athens, October 26: Micro Chorio … a small town on the island of Tilos in Greece. The village was the capital of Tilos in 1930. 1200 people lived in this village. But gradually people left the village, the whole village became desolate. This village became Ghost Village. Attempts are being made to bring people back there today.

Giorgos Aliferis from Peloponnese came here in 1980 with his doctor brother. Then he discovered the Ghost Village called Micro Chorio.

“After World War II, the people of this village settled in the village of Liwadia, near the port. I was saddened to see this historic village deserted. So I dreamed of rebuilding this village,” said Alipheris.

Aliferis and his partner Vania Yordanova started a bar in the village. This dark deserted village is revived and this village is illuminated.

Vania Yordanova said, “We went to the village for all the comforts as there was no water or lights in the village. We brought a generator from a 30 minute long village and after installing it, the village lit up like a movie set. Looked beautiful ”

“Every night from 11 pm to midnight we go by van and bring tourists from other villages to this village. Tourists from abroad also come here. The next generation of people who have migrated from this village are also coming back here. But I had to spend a lot financially and mentally for this project. I had to take it, “said Aliferis.

Micro Chorio is not the only village but there are many such neglected villages. Attempts are being made by the government and the private sector to bring them into the mainstream. The village of Wathia on the Mani Peninsula in southern Peloponnese is one of them. The village is close to Mistras, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The government is trying to attract tourists to the village.

The same is true of Spinalonga, a small village on the island of Crete. The village is also described in Victoria Hislop’s 2006 book The Island. It was followed by a TV series in Greece. So the village came under discussion again. Attempts are being made to rehabilitate many such villages by promoting tourism.

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