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A former Facebook data scientist has made a sensational claim that thousands of fake Facebook accounts were created during elections in India.

New Delhi, September 16: Facebook is currently under discussion due to various reasons. For the past few days, it has been alleged that the accounts of Facebook users have been hacked and their data has been misused. Since then, a woman who has previously worked on Facebook has shared a disturbing memo. An employee of Facebook who is a former data scientist has given an account of how people pursue a political agenda through Facebook and how it succeeds.

Sophie Zheng, who previously worked at Facebook as a data scientist, has written a note on how people are misled through Facebook. Sophie’s note sheds light on how Facebook is routinely used for its own benefit and to create public opinion during elections. These types also happen in India, writes Sophie.

Sophie’s note is 6600 words long. He has also made several allegations on Facebook. This will create a stir in India as well. The note also outlines which countries pursue agendas to divert or build public opinion during elections. This includes India along with Azerbaijan, Honduras, Ukraine, Spain, Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador.

During the election period, these countries try to know the opinion of the citizens of their country during the election period with the help of fake Facebook accounts. Also specific agendas are transmitted from these fake accounts. Certain posts go viral. Sophie Zheng said in the note that the work was started without any problem through Facebook.

“I’ve been working at Facebook for three years and I don’t know who is behind it,” Sophie said. He also alleged that political and social upheaval was taking place in some countries during the election period through various campaigns. So the governments of different countries are cheating their citizens in this way and this social media platform is being misused, Sophie claims.

The note also mentions the political agendas of various countries. Many countries, including India, have been accused in this regard. There are allegations that these countries are trying to mislead the public through fake accounts for political purposes.

What exactly is in Sophie Zheng’s note?

Sophie Zeng helped delete nearly seven million fake accounts that had been tampered with on the Spanish Ministry of Health’s Facebook page. Misleading, misleading text about coronavirus was being spread around the world. Sophie helped the Spanish government to destroy these fake accounts, which were a headache for the government.

Sophie Zheng’s note also mentions elections in India. “Several fake accounts involving thousands of film actors were found during the Delhi Assembly elections. The accounts are related to political parties and were heavily active during the Delhi Assembly elections. But Facebook never disclosed this.”

Sophie also made major revelations about Russia and the United States, with a NATO official saying in 2019 that Russia was trying to destabilize US political circles and that some accounts had been closed at the behest of the United States. At the same time, more than one crore fake comments were made on behalf of the Brazilian government to create a positive atmosphere. So now it will be important to see what effect this will have on the world after Zheng’s note.

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